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Fancy That! helps homeowners & contractors coordinate stone or porcelain installations with beautifully hand painted switch plates that coordinate with almost any stone or porcelain tile. Our work will enhance new installations or any existing area of your home. See the gallery for some examples of our work!

Standard Plates

Option 1:

Standard hand-painted plates that blend with installations using many popularly used natural stones and porcelain lookalikes. Each purchase is made-to-order. Click here to see the color options.

These switchplates come in standard sizes (see our key) and all of the standard configurations to meet your needs.

This option provides a unique, cost-effective solution to the distracting effect of multiple electric switchplates across your beautiful tile installation.

The turn-around time is typically 2 weeks from ordering.

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Custom Plates

Option 2:

Custom hand painted plates to coordinate with your specific stone or porcelain.

If your tile isn’t included in the standard options above, or you have a special circumstance, plates can be custom painted to coordinate with your tile’s unique color range & variation.

You will need to send a representative sampling of your tile with a listing of the profile requirements (standard size, d├ęcor-style, oversize) and plate configurations (see our key) needed. Once the scope of the project is determined, you will pay a deposit of the estimated total and your custom project will typically be shipped to you in 3-4 weeks.

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